Green Light

“I need you.” But the silence is screaming at me through the walls,

My texts remain unread, and there’s no answer to my calls.

I know you’ve seen me waving as you’re light is shining green

But I find myself still waiting, staring at my empty screen.

The sad thing is you told me that you will always be there.

You made me think you cared for me, so this feels so unfair.

Because when tables turn and it’s you that needs a friend,

I’m here for you no question, someone you know you can depend.

So why am I left waiting, just for a few minutes of your time,

Which I value so much, but realise you don’t care much for mine.

Do I really mean so little that you can’t just message “Hi.”?

Or tell me that you’re busy, I don’t need you to lie.

But it only takes a second to acknowledge that you know,

Deep down I know the answer, that it’s time to let you go.