First Viewing

“Come in please,” the nurse called

Then she pointed to the bed,

“The monitor’s up there so

There’s no need to turn your head.

Could you please roll your top up

So your abdomen’s exposed.

I’ll just apply the gel, though

It may feel a little cold.”

I took a deep breath in, relaxed

Then looked up at the screen,

I quickly saw it flash

Then fade away like in a dream.

She returned back to the spot, said

“Can you see your baby there?”

I smiled, nodded my head,

Tears gave my eyes a watery glare.

“You’re thirteen weeks and five days,

Just a bit more than you thought.”

I couldn’t say a word cos in my

Throat my breath was caught.

“Relax,” she said, “one second as

A photo I will take,

So you can show your loved ones

As I’m sure you’ll celebrate.”

I walked out of the room

Holding the picture in my hand

Of the baby I was hoping for

But never really planned.

I put it away carefully

Placed my hand upon my tum.

This was my defining moment,

I am going to be a Mum.