Mum shouts out, “where’ve you been all night?”

He’s drunk and he’s scary, mum struggles he fights.

He started to punch like in a boxing ring,

To block out her screams I started to sing

This sort of thing hadn’t happened before

Wasn’t sure if it was normal. I chose to ignore.

He’s drunk before breakfast then drives me to school,

I have to keep quiet, it’s our little rule.

Sometimes I don’t go, he keeps me at home.

He closes the curtains and turns off the phone.

He tells me Mummy should never know.

I take it as normal for a girl has to grow.

My mums eyes get darker with black and blue stains,

And when she walks her cuts twinge with pains,

Her arm soon is broken, her legs are all sliced,

But dad says she deserves it. He said she’s not nice.

I want to help her, I don’t have a clue,

Mums going through hell, what should I do?

I came home from school, the police closed my home.

He watched her die before grabbing the phone,

He tells me the story she fell down the stairs,

When I look in his eyes I see threatening glares.

Who can you trust if u can’t trust your dad?

Don’t see him no more, thank god, now I’m glad.

I’ll never forget as I’ve often missed,

The gentleness of my mothers kiss,

And the way that he beat her I don’t understand,

When he asked her for marriage was her funeral planned?

He soon died in prison, suicide with a knife.

For killing my mother, and ruining my life.