Casey Turner’s Diary

Dear Diary

I have had such an amazing night! I haven’t even slept yet. The light is coming up at the window and I’ve only been home half an hour. Look at the time. It’s nearly 6.30 am. I have work in a few hours. I don’t even care though my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

The guy I met at the cinema. Wow! He is amazing. Yeah, he’s good looking. Fit with a capital F, but that isn’t what draws me to him. He makes me feel…happy. I have never really loved my own company. When people leave I never find that odd because I can see why. I’m nothing special. I’m just me. Normal, boring, Casey Turner. I can see how Max found it so easy to walk away, how Danny didn’t even consider giving Erica up for me, but with Josh. Josh makes me like me more. He loves just spending time with me. He shows me that Casey, the girl I really am, without me having to put on a show and pretend to be somebody else, well she’s awesome.

Don’t get me wrong. Kat has told me that my whole life. She’s stuck around. She’s been a rock by my side, but maybe she just doesn’t know any better? Kat and I have been friends forever! I don’t remember a time that we didn’t know each other. I remember my mum being more absent than she ever was. I suppose that’s my problem though. That should have been enough. Kat, my best friend in all the world, her words should be all the reassurance I need to make myself feel enough. But no, I need a guy to perk me up. What sort of woman is useless without a man bugging her up. Me! That’s who.

And usually, to make them like me quicker I’d give them what they are after straight away. I’d open my legs before we’d even planned a second date then get confused why they don’t call again, but it’s not like that with him. We just talk. We talk for hours. Sometimes we don’t. We just sit there, together. Tonight he was playing with my fingers whilst we were watching the moon. Holding my hand and stroking my arm. I think I would have slept with him tonight. In fact I know I would have. But he made me feel we could wait.

But I don’t want to wait forever! A girl still has her needs

Find out more about Casey Turner and how she’s doing post Danny in the sequel to Another Woman’s Man.

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