Never Lose Sight

You’re out minding your business when you bump into a crowd,

One single face amongst them makes your heart beat really loud.

You’ve never seen her before, but she does look so familiar,

The woman in your dreams, can’t be, but she’s something similar.

So you ask her for her number and you’re happy she replies,

And as she gives it to you, there’s a sparkle in her eyes.

You text when you get home “It was really nice to meet,

Maybe we could date?” And then she tells you that you’re sweet.

The following week, you take her to a restaurant to dine, 

You let her choose her meal, but you order both of you a wine.

You laugh and talk, and something deep inside seems so surreal,

You truly never thought this was a feeling you could feel. 

This dating thing goes on for a few months, but all you see,

Is this here is your future. This was really meant to be.

Suddenly she’s yours and your heart swells with pride, 

One day she’s your girlfriend then fiancée and then bride.

Because you took her out again, placed one knee down to the ground,

You’d prepared a special speech about this great love that you’d found. 

She squealed and threw her arms around you, you could breath as she said “Yes!”

The nerves had your heart pumping, almost beating out your chest.

You start planning your future and the children that you crave,

Coz life is only short, soon you’ll be lying in your grave. 

You were a husband, suddenly you are a father to be,

The love of your life has told you you’re starting a family.

You sit next to her and coach her as she gives birth to your son, 

You hold her tight and tell her that she’ll always be the one.

But time goes on and life takes hold and things they start to slide,

And you never seem to notice all the tears that she’s cried.

You have a few more children, and they take most of your time,

When you ask her if she’s ok she lies with the words “I’m fine.”

Because she’s not fine, she worried and she’s feeling insecure,

Because she began to wonder if you loved her anymore.

It’s not because you’re nasty, and you still say “I love you,”

But you’ve stopped doing the little things that made your love seem true.

You used to say good morning with a kiss upon her head, 

But these days you’d be lucky if you even share a bed. 

Coz Timmy doesn’t sleep through, and Jessica is teething,

And she craves for you to hug her before work as you are leaving. 

You used to rush right home to have dinner all together,

But now it’s in the oven because you’re getting kind of clever

At bumping into friends as you are making your way home,

So your loved one gets used to eating her dinner all alone. 

And late at night you suggest a film and you start to rub her feet,

But five minutes into the titles and she’s already asleep.

And you start to wonder if she even wants you here,

So you stay out a bit longer, stretching out your final beer.

And you expect her to start missing you and ask you to come home,

But all you’re doing is letting her get used to being alone. 

Because she doesn’t need you, but she wants you in her life,

So why not treat her as you did when you asked her to be your wife?

And the thing you won’t consider is that somebody else will,

They’ll notice her, and message and the gap you leave they’ll fill.

Before you’ve even noticed, they two of you will fall apart,

Because toying with her head has left an opening in her heart.

Because this guy he’ll take the pieces that you left behind,

And piece them all together, he’ll be charming, funny, kind.

And suddenly you are a part time parent, and you’ll hate,

Seeing them put through watching their parents separate.

Another man, a stranger, could take your place inside your home,

You’ll see your kids at weekends and spend most your time alone.

And you’ll wish then, you’ll want the nagging messages to come,

The moanings from your wife when she was tired from being a mum.

Coz when she was moaning, at you at least you knew she cared,

But think about what you could lose and maybe you’ll get scared.

Relationships need work, not just at the beginning,

You can’t just wear a wedding ring and tell the world you’re winning. 

Coz if you make her doubt just for a second every day,

You won’t have a foot to stand on when you watch her walk away.

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