Jude Johnson’s Diary

Dear Diary, 

This is insane. I am not the sort of woman who jets around the world by myself. I’m the sort of woman who usually doesn’t leave the house unless I really have to. I got so used to not being able to travel when I was with Luke, but I was amazed how quickly I took to it. It’s all changed so much since I last travelled. All the security. But I got through security and I have travelled from country to country as if I am used to it. I feel a little like a celebrity. I know that sounds funny, but normal people like me don’t usually get to travel about so much. Not that I’m treated like a celebrity of course. There was no free champagne waiting for me in the hotel. It’s weird isn’t it. If you’re a celeb you get loads of freebies, but usually celebs have high paying careers so really they can afford to pay. Maybe they should change it so Joe Bloggs here gets a few freebies on arrival whilst they pay their way.

It’s been what? Four months since Luke and I split? It has to be, or something very close. I still think like a married woman. My first thought when I wanted to stay late at the bar in Singapore was would he mind. But I don’t care if he’d mind. He’s already made it very obvious he’s not happy about me travelling alone. He’s always kind of looked down on me, like he believes I need him to look after me. Well guess what Lukey baby I’m a grown ass woman who can look after myself. 

It’s so frustrating. Here I am, legs stretched out on a sunbed. Brown legs i might add. Yes that’s right Diary I am actually tanning. I’d forgotten I could tan without going bright red. Her I am, thousands of miles from home and I’m STILL getting dragged back to my old life. My old way of thinking. Luke is history. Okay, he’s my children’s father and I will never be truly rid of him from my life but my heart? It’s done. It may sound harsh but it’s so true. I think I knew it was over ages before I found proof of his cheating.

I’m gutted that Emma and Jacob decided against accompanying their old mum on this once in a lifetime experience, and am starting to miss having someone to gossip with but this is such an amazing experience for me. Sam’s words are ringing in my ears. “You need to find a man.” Rubbish! I need to find myself a cocktail. 

Ha Ha, I nearly just fell off my lounger watching a man with a rather tight butt walk up the beach! Pull yourself together Jude. You have a rule to stick to.

The Six-Month Rule is Launching TOMORROW. To guarantee you get yours and find out if Jude manages to stick to her rule, go to Amazon HERE

About the Author – Carrie-Ann Schless (or me as I usually say) is excited about her second book being published. The Six-Month Rule was written in just four after getting her first novel, Another Woman’s Man, picked up by Crooked Cat Books. Since then she has written a third novel, The Replacement.

As well as concentrating on building up her social media and blog, Carrie-Ann is working on a fourth novel, Another Woman’s Child, which is to be a sequel to her debut. All her links to her social media’s can be found on the about me section of this website. Click to join her online launch party on       May 4th.

Come and meet Miriam Drori as she introduces us to the little well known world of Social Anxiety. Will her character of no name shed some light on the taboo subject. People don’t really like to talk about it! Well we do. This Non-Fiction book is high on my TBR pile. 

If you would like one of your book characters featured on Another Woman’s/Man’s Diary than please contact me on askcarrieann@yahoo.com

2 thoughts on “Jude Johnson’s Diary

  1. Good for Jude! I wonder if she’ll manage to stick to her rule. Good luck with the launch, Carrie-Anne. I’ll see you there tomorrow and here next week. 🙂


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