Isabel Long’s Diary

Isabel Long is the main character in the new mystery Chasing the Case. She’s a longtime journalist turned amateur P.I., wanting to solve a mystery of a woman who went missing 28 years ago in a town of a thousand people.

Dear Diary,

My mother and I talked about Patsy today for the first time in years, how somebody took my cousin and killed her. Even after all these years, I don’t want to think about what happened to her. We were only kids and as close as sisters. It still hurts.

Years later, Patsy’s remains were found buried in a patch of woods. The police never found the person responsible. It could have been somebody Patsy knew. That’s often the case. I hate to think it was somebody in our family.

That’s why I am trying to figure out what happened to Adela Collins, who disappeared 28 years ago. Things like that don’t happen in a town of a thousand people. I should know. I live there. And besides it was my first big story as a rookie reporter.

Adela, who was in her late thirties, walked home from her parents’ general store and was never seen again. Her car was discovered on a logging road two months later.

Ma understands. She’s all in favor. She remembers the ordeal our family went through. I remember how I felt back then, sad for Patsy and scared for me.

Well, now that I’m unemployed, I have the time to look into this case. Ma said she’d help. I’ve got my notes and the folder I stole from the newsroom the day I got canned. I have an idea of who to interview. But first I’m going to track down Adela’s father to get his okay. Nobody in this town will talk with me unless I do that first.

Twenty-eight years is a long time. But I will do for Adela Collins, what nobody did for my cousin Patsy. The woman has to be dead, and I’m determined I will find out why.

I’ve never done this before. But being a P.I. can’t be all that different from reporting. You talk with people, you check the records, and with a bit of luck, you put together the whole story. I was really good at that.

Find out about the mystery surrounding Isabel’s case and see how she gets on in her change of careers. You can preorder it HERE.

About the Author

Joan Livingston is the author of novels for adult and young readers. Chasing the Case, published by Crooked Cat Books, is her first mystery and the first in a series featuring Isabel Long, a longtime journalist who becomes an amateur P.I.

Her other novels include The Sweet Spot; Peace, Love, and You Know What; and The Cousins and the Magic Fish/Los Primos y el Pez Mágico.

An award-winning journalist, she started as a reporter covering the hilltowns of Western Massachusetts. She was an editor, columnist, and most recently the managing editor of The Taos News, which won numerous state and national awards during her tenure.

After eleven years in Northern New Mexico, she returned to rural Western Massachusetts, which is the setting of much of her adult fiction, including Chasing the Case and its sequels.



Twitter: @joanlivingston



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