Maari’s Diary

Maari is one of the first characters we meet in The Truthseeker. She’s young, beautiful and finds herself drawn to a strange boy called Nax. As they fall in love, we soon realise that although their relationship should be simple… it isn’t. Readers of the first book in the series, The Soulweaver, have met Maari before, although they might not recognise her at first. Let’s take a peek at her diary to see if that makes things clearer.

Dear Diary,
It’s Maari here. At least I think it is. I’m so confused about everything right now, that I’m not even sure who I am anymore. Well, that’s not exactly right. I just don’t know what’s happening to me.
I’ve been having terrible dreams lately about a woman with dark hair. She hates me. I can feel it. I’ve never dreamt like this before. It’s like I’m awake while I’m asleep. She follows me, too. I can feel her presence. She won’t leave me alone. And wherever she is, lightning follows. Huge flashes of it light the sky behind her. And there have been so many storms this week, I feel like she’s climbing out of my dreams and into my reality. She’s coming to get me. I know it.
The other day I was in the ocean and I heard thunder. I climbed up the ladder on the jetty and only moments later it was struck by lightning. I’m telling you, she’s trying to kill me. That’s why I visited the Truthseeker. And wasn’t that a mistake!
I’d heard about the Truthseeker before. An old woman who lives on the bottom of the ocean and tells you any truth you wish to hear. So, I went to her and I asked for the truth, only it turns out I didn’t want to hear it.
She told me the woman in my dreams is real. And she wants me to stay away from Nax. She may as well have asked me to stop breathing. I can’t stay away from him. I’ve never felt like this about anyone before. But she says if I don’t, then the woman will strike me down. Apparently she loves Nax. But if that’s true, then why is she trying to tear us apart? I make him happy. I know I do. How could our love possibly be upsetting this woman in the sky so much that she’s trying to kill me?
The Truthseeker says it’s because of who I was in my past life. I’m finding all of that a little hard to believe.
There has to be a way out of this where I can keep my life and Nax too. If only I can figure it out before it’s too late.
Yours in desperation,
Maari xx

Find out about Maari’s life and her other lives in The Truth Seeker, The second instalment in the Soulweaver Series. Two of the series, and the FREE prequel are all available on Amazon. Find The Truth Seeker HERE.

About the Author – Heidi Catherine

 Heidi Catherine’s award-winning, romantic fantasy series, The Soulweaver, explores the possibility of loving the same souls over many lifetimes. The first novel in the series was the winner of Romance Writers of Australia’s Emerald Pro award and was released by Crooked Cat Books. This novel is followed by The Truthseeker and The Shadowmaker.

Not being able to decide if she prefers living in Melbourne or the Mornington Peninsula, Heidi shares her time between both places. She is similarly pulled in opposing directions by her two sons and two dogs, remaining thankful she only has one husband.
Heidi loves to hear from readers and can be found at HER WEBSITE.
You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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