Dotty Weathervane’s Diary

Dearest Diary,

Whoever said marriage was made in heaven was already dead. There are times that being married does have its grand rewards, like trips to exotic places and trying new cuisine in other cultures with a significant other. Traveling down memory lane with Jim by my side, laughing over missteps and misadventures has been glorious at times. But there have been plenty of other moments that I’ve realized wedded bliss is a misnomer and sharing a bed with a mean-spirited bear—and I’m talking about myself here—is anything but amorous. Jim and I have been married longer than Moses walked the desert leading that crowd of whining nomads. It begs the question, how does one maintain the spark of romance when the flicker of a flame is all that’s left? It’s a good thing we promised for better or worse, in sickness and in health. Yet, when I think about the weeks, months and years we have taken care of each other I can’t imagine my life without him. He’s been missing for a few days now and I feel as if my world is about to collapse. I would do anything to find him and bring him home, even if it’s to bicker and snap at each other. My fickle heart once again plays center stage but my existence would not have the same significance should my Jim never return.

I must muster strength and gather others to help in locating Jim. It’s a matter of life and death—I’m sure of it. Dotty

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About the Author – Beatrice Fishback

Beatrice Fishback, originally from New York, lived in the East Anglian area of Great Britain for over twenty years and traveled extensively in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. She is the author of Bethel Manor and Bethel Manor Reborn, Dying to Eat at the Pub, Loving Your Military Man by FamilyLife Publishing and, with her husband Jim, is the co-author of Defending the Military Marriage and Defending the Military Family. She has been published in various compilations, magazines and online websites.

She and her husband have spoken to audiences worldwide and currently reside in North Carolina where scones are called biscuits and are topped with gravy, and tea that is served over ice.

Find her on her WEBSITEFACEBOOK and to see her wide range of titles visit her AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE which has links to all her books.

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