Belinda MacKensie’s Diary

Belinda MacKenzie is the Queen Bee in the playground of the Village Primary School, where Beth Haldane, single mum, amateur sleuth and star of Death in Dulwich and The Girl in the Gallery, sends her son, Ben. Let’s take a sneaky look over Belinda MacKenzie’s shoulder as she sits in her big – very big – house in Court Lane, SE21, and writes her diary. 
 April 10th

 What a morning! 

 First of all, Olga still hadn’t finished Billy’s school project, a model of the Roman Forum, even though I told her to stay up as late as necessary to get it all done last night. Au pairs are just getting more and more slipshod. And she said on her CV that she was artistic. Honestly, Billy would have got on a lot better without her modelling the building in clay and then painting it for him. Luckily his own special finishing touches really saved the day. I’m glad I ordered him those authentic model Romans on Amazon. Never mind the expense, this is educational.

 Then I saw Beth Haldane in the playground. That woman!Though her son, Ben, is in the same year as Billy, well, what a contrast. While Billy is so commanding – the other kids just seem to do what he wants – Ben is happy to slouch about with Charlie, the other geek in the year. I’ve told Beth before that Billy would be happy to take Ben under his wing, give him a bit of kudos in the playground, but for some reason she never takes me up on it. And now, after all this business at Wyatt’s, I’m beginning to think she’s getting a bit big for her boots. Which is ridiculous, as she’s so tiny. But just because she’s in the thick of that mystery going on at the school, she seems to think she’s really important all of a sudden. I think all the attention from that policeman, DI York or whatever his name is, might really turn her head. 

 Well, that won’t last. There’s no hope that an insignificant little thing like Beth could solve a a murder, for goodness sake. Who on earth does she think she is, a modern Miss Marple? No, she’ll be back down to earth soon. And then she’ll be crawling to me for help. She wants to get her son into Wyatt’s, of course, everyone does. He doesn’t stand a chance, but I’m much too polite to say so. And she’d probably love to go on the odd date, maybe that’s why she’s making a fool of herself with that detective. I might be really kind, and organise a dinner for her with another of hubby Barty’s chums – one who’s going through a nasty split and needs a sympathetic shoulder. I’m sure she’d love that. 

 Oh, there’s always so much to do. And that reminds me, I must organise the dog walker and tell the cleaner to do behind the radiators and the top of the bookshelves this time, she’s getting so lazy. Then there’s the online shop to sort out. Olga will need to pop to the school and get the kids, maybe give them a bit of a run around in the park before she gets their supper sorted out and does the bedtimes. That will just about give me five minutes of peace. 

 There aren’t enough hours in the day!


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About the Author – Alice Castle

Before turning to crime, Alice Castle was a UK newspaper journalist for The Daily Express, The Times and The Daily Telegraph. Her first book, Hot Chocolate, set in Brussels and London, was a European hit and sold out in two weeks. 

Death in Dulwich was published in September 2017 and has been a number one best-seller in the UK, US, France, Spain and Germany. A sequel, The Girl in the Gallery was published in December 2017 to critical acclaim. Calamity in Camberwell, the third book in the London Murder Mystery series, will be published this summer, with Homicide in Herne Hill due to follow in early 2019. Alice is currently working on the fifth London Murder Mystery adventure. Once again, it will feature Beth Haldane and DI Harry York.

Alice is also a top mummy blogger and book reviewer via her WEBSITE

You can find her on social media on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

Links to buy books: Girl in the GalleryDeath in Dulwich and Hot Chocolate

She lives in south London and is married with two children, two step-children and two cats. 

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  1. What a treat to be on your blog today, Carrie-Ann, thanks so much for having me and I hope Belinda wasn’t too much of a handful! I’ll take her away now 😉

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