There is nothing I love better than being a Mum. Being a single mum however is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I hate having to share my kids. There Dad is very hands on and likes to see them once a week, normally on a weekend. It sucks! I can’t complain. I get some me time but I miss them dearly.

The one good thing about them going is I get to get a weekly night out with the girls. I get to dress up, put on my make-up and boogey the night away with my girlfriends. The biggest bonus being I don’t get hangovers!

Over the five years I’ve been on my own, I’ve built up a brilliant group. There is never a night when there isn’t someone about. I had kids young so it’s quite nice to experience what it’s like going out not rushing back for sitters.

But it’s amazing how nights out can sometimes turn into a more unbelievable story than the plot line of Eastenders! It’s mad.

It’s not the impromptu nights. They are fine. You know what I mean. The nights out when you plan on having a couple drinks and chilling round the table chatting and before you know it you’ve all ended up in taxis and cramming round a table in a bar.

But it’s the planned nights that go wrong. The nights you pre-book taxis, buy tickets, plan outfits and spend weeks discussing it on group chat just to have a mass fall out the day of the event.

Then when you’re there you either spend the night with one friend crying because of her on/off boyfriend or holding up someone falling down drunk.

There has been occasions I’ve spent a whole evening in the bathroom playing agony aunt to some random stranger whose own friends are fed up of dealing with her and have abandoned her to get some time on the dance floor.

A recent problem I’ve faced is having a friend get spiked and helped look after her until the ambulance came. It’s a shame you can’t put a drink down without worrying someone’s touched it.

So as much as I love my nights out, when it comes to these nights where I feel so drained two days later still, I’d prefer a night in with the kids any day!

What’s the worst thing you’ve experienced on a night out?

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