Growing Pains

My youngest child, and only son, is turning six in just two days time. He is my baby. My mummy’s boy. But he is growing so quickly.

This is a manic time of year. Tommorow, the 30th November, is the 5 year anniversary of my picking up the keys to my house. Everybody is putting up pictures of their Christmas tree’s on facebook and getting ready for advent and elf on the shelf and here I am rocking myself in the corner trying to figure out how to rewind the clock.

I always wanted a boy. I was thrilled with my girls, and I’m so proud of the young women they are turning into, but I waited so long for him. We planned to have him and it seemed to take years for him to actually exist.

He has shot up recently. He was always small for his age. At birth he wasn’t quite 6lbs. He has always been a few inches shorter than his friends. I have never minded or worried. It kept him cute. I myself am not very tall (just under 5ft)  so I’m not exactly going to have giant children, but something happened last week. Something I wasn’t quite prepared for.

It was a Saturday and I was getting all the children ready to go to my mums for the night as I had work early the next day. I got a pair of jeans out of his drawer, let him step into them and pulled them up. Nothing unusual with that you might think, but what shocked me about it was they were at least three inches too short for his legs.

Ok, I will admit he’s been a size behind most of his life so I haven’t had to worry about getting rid of his age 4-5 clothes, or even some of his larger 3-4, but suddenly weeks after wearing them he’d had a growth spurt!

This explains why he has had the odd complaint about leg pain. He’s been growing!!!!

This is a good thing you would think, but the emotional hormonal me didn’t seem to think so. All she saw was her little baby slipping away from her.

I can’t wait til Christmas when we visit my Auntie’s house. They have marks on the door showing how the children, this includes me and my ‘baby cousin’ who is now well into his twenties and towers over me, are growing each year!

Well they did. I have just discovered my Uncle has recently painted all the doors in the house. I was panic stricken! I thought I wouldn’t be able to check how much he had grown since last year.

But no. Of course I shouldn’t have doubted him. Before he removed the evidence he managed to copy all marks onto a long piece of paper which is now hanging at the exact same height in their garage! Phew.

Earlier this evening I sat down and a poem sprang to my mind. Now We Are Six, by A.A.Milne. I thought it would be a good idea to google it. It wasn’t. I balled my eyes out.

I’ve been so busy recently. With two completed novels I’ve been working hard on book three, trying to win NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) where the aim is to write 50000 words in the month of July. I’ve found the last few weeks I’ve been too busy to play ninja turtles, or too tired to watch a movie.

This week that’s all changed. We’ve snuggled up and watched films, we’ve created our own games and given each other superhero names. We’ve laughed, we’ve even cried, and we’ve spent lots of quality time together both just us and as a family.  NaNoWriMo will be there next year, my ideas will keep flowing, but my little boy won’t be five for much longer.

One thought on “Growing Pains

  1. I have just cried, you are so lucky to have your boy, that time I envy you so much. I will never ever have that time make the most , love you xxx


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