Spit and Polish

When I first submitted my manuscript to Crooked Cat publishers I will be honest with you, I had no idea what I was lining myself up for.

Although I had always had a hope of getting a book published I had done very little in the name of research. Looking back I probably should have, but it’s not like I can go back now.

I already knew of Crooked Cat because I knew someone who was published through them. What I didn’t know was, if I was successful how easy they would make my job and how much effort they would put into making what I’d already worked so hard on even better.

First my cover. I had a very clear idea what I wanted for my cover. To me it said everything you needed to know about the book. So I was rather surprised when I was sent through a string of ideas and not one was even similar to my idea!

I was a little bit upset. I wanted my cover how I’d pictured it, and was about to email back and say exactly that when I looked at the images again. That’s when I saw it! The lonesome girl, hair flowing. Did she look sad? Did she look guilty? She looked perfect.

My publisher had put in the email that with a cover we try not to tell the full story and of course that made perfect sense!

After a few emails back and forth, sending ideas for subtitle and such, the cover was done! There were about 4 hours where only Crooked Cat and I knew what my cover was. Before I had finished work they had launched it onto every social media platform and designed me banners so I could update all my accounts.

It was amazing to know that other people loved my cover as much as I did. The cover I wanted originally I now realise would have been so wrong for the book.

The second is editing. I always worried about this part! My idea of editing was somebody coming along and rewriting what I had already done, but they don’t!

Christine, my editor, has barely changed anything so far. She’s tidied up, sorted out a few grammatical errors and made my writing look like a book. It’s amazing. I’m looking forward to the next round of edits now.

And thirdly there is the Cats. An online community of other authors who are there to answer questions and words of advice when it comes to marketing.

A mousemat I won on a fellow Cats online launch!

I didn’t know a thing about Twitter. I had already had an account with a whopping 75 followers, so I decided to just start from scratch. It grew slowly, but when I spoke to some Cats for advice my account grew for 450 to other 1000 in Just 3 weeks!

We support each other. We take part in each others online launches. We buy each others books. We review each others books. We retweet, we share, we reblog each other and I think more than anything it’s the Cats that are making this process so enjoyable.

Everybody Wants to be a Cat

Without them I would be on my own aimlessly tweeting random things and checking my email every five minutes for the next peace of news.

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