Social Anxiety Revealed

Yesterday I was guest host on a fellow Crooked Cat Authors book launch, the wonderful Miriam Drori and her book – Social Anxiety Revealed.

Social Anxiety is a subject many people struggle to talk about, but Miriam’s book has brought us to thinking how important it is to talk about it.

I have never been one to struggle on social situations, always the show off. I had a few months where I had to push myself to go out by myself. That was scary. I did it though, battling the panic attacks, and managing to put one foot in front of the other.

If I hadn’t done that at the time, I would never have met the wonderful group of friends I have now. Sometimes it’s our weak moments that lead us to our strengths.

I had never done a guest spot on a book launch before, I was nervous planning what to do to fill an hour. I ended up finding a few bits and planned it in advance but added some stuff on the day.

One thing I felt I really wanted to do though, something I had been anxious about, was a live Facebook video!

I did it!!! I was sweating (sexy) rambling and said “erm” a lot but I got through it. I feel that pushing myself to do that may have given me the very brief glimpse into what Anxiety feels like. I couldn’t imagine living with it everyday.

Miriam admitted yesterday that if it wasn’t for her social anxiety she would never have become an author, and how lucky we are that because of it, we now have this wonderful book about the taboo subject. Get your copy on Amazon now

Social Anxiety Revealed

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