The Grandparent Trap

It must be amazing to be a grandparent! Almost everybody loves their parents parents.

I remember loving visiting my Nan.

There was always ice lollys in the freezer, biscuits in the barrel, sweets in the tub and a fizzy drink waiting in the fridge. I lived miles away from my Nan, so I didn’t get to go there often.

As well as all the above I remember just loving being at her house. Getting to look at all the photographs on the wall of the family at different stages. My Nan had eight children, all of which had had children of their own and then they started to have children. The family grew rapidly, but then so did the love.

Whenever we were leaving her house she would pull me to one side and sneak a £20 note into my hand, trying not to let my mum see worried she would tell her off for giving me so much, and of course she would notice and say “Mavis! You don’t need to do that”

She didn’t of course. I would have enjoyed visiting her without all the different things listed, money and all. She was an amazing woman. The real heart of the family. When I think about her, it’s the person i miss, not the sweets, money and chocolate.

That being said, my Nan wasn’t the only one in the world that used their title to enable them to spoil their grandchildren. My children’s faces light up when they hear the words Nannies or Nanas house.

I’ve been really lucky with the support I have had from the grandparents. When you work different shifts each week and your ex isn’t always available to help due to work, I have to rely heavily on friends and the few members of family I have down here.

When we first moved to this town, 10 years ago this month, the two girls went to visit their Nans every other weekend. It was good for the grandparents, they were worried about not seeing them much with us moving a thirty minute drive away from them, and I was worried about never meeting anybody sat upstairs in a flat above a pub with my kids.

It worked on both sides and it means my children have a wonderful relationship with their grandmothers.

They don’t get to see their grandfathers as often but it doesn’t mean they love them any less. The mere words ‘grandad is coming’ sends joy through their faces or ‘you’re going to see Pops’

It’s so nice seeing them show off their cheerleading or the videos they like on YouTube, and moaning that Grandad has football on the TV again.

I don’t remember either of my Grandads. My Dads dad died before I was born, and my Mums dad when I was only two. My children are so lucky to have two complete sets of Grandparents.

What are your best memories with your Grandparents?

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