Sleep is for the Weekend

What is it about sleep? If you don’t get enough, you feel tired. If you get too much, you feel tired. Getting the exact right amount not only makes you feel exactly right, but it’s impossible to get! Or is that just me?

When I was a kid I had no problems with sleep. I remember waking up with my head hanging off the bed and my feet up on the wall, I was good at wriggling about in my sleep, but it didn’t wake me up.

I had a reoccurring dream of walking to the top of my stairs in my house and jumping down them. Almost flying. When I had those dreams I woke up downstairs in the arm chair. I honestly thought I could fly for years.

I’ve never really needed much sleep. As I got older late nights turned into early mornings, and getting in at 6 and getting up for work at 8 never bothered me. Power naps worked.

Then along came the children. Now being sleep deprived through choice is one thing, I couldn’t exactly blame anybody for forcing me to stay out until the early hours when I was young and stupid enough to stay out.

When you have a newborn who seems to sense you drifting off and doing everything in there power to stop you doing so, it’s a completely different story!

Wanting to sleep but not being able to is torture. It absolutely ruins your brain cells from working properly, you start doing silly things like putting your washing in the bin instead of the machine.

It’s starts at pregnancy. Turning over in bed becomes so hard, you can’t help wake up doing so. Then there is needing the toilet at 3 am. How impossible is it to get back to sleep after a walk to the bathroom?

The worst nights sleep I had though was waking up at 4 am with labour pains with my first, There was definitely no going back to sleep that night, in fact I didn’t have a full nights sleep again for months.

Trying to sleep in a hospital with a new born, then at home with a newborn, was near impossible.

I remember my daughters dad sitting at the end of the bed holding her so I could sleep. It felt like it was the nicest thing anybody had ever done for me in my life. I hugged that pillow so tight and slept so hard, until I was woken up to give her a feed. Damn breastfeeding.

She finally cracked sleeping, and I was pregnant with her sister! I was stuck in the cycle. She decided to be born at 1am! Wasn’t exactly getting much sleep that night either.

This baby had colic, and Dad had just started a new job so I was the only one sitting up with her at night. I would snap my eyes open the second she made a noise, grab her and run to the front room to try and not disturb him. Years later I heard him telling somebody what a good sleeper she was and she never woke us up!

At the end of the day though, children learn to sleep through. I got through their sleepless nights just as well as I got through their baby brothers a few years later.

It’s when nothing is there to disturb you but you STILL can’t sleep it becomes a drag.

I cannot go to sleep before 11am. In fact, I normally stay up until 1 or 2. If I go to sleep before 9, I am awake before midnight. The other night I went to bed at 7.30 and was awake an hour later.

What is wrong with me?

Why can I not just do what normal people do and go to bed at night and wake up in the morning?

Now, I stay up far too late, and struggle to wake up early. That’s great when you have three children to get up and ready to leave the house for school before 8.20 in the morning.

And now it’s the summer holidays it’s worse. I don’t actually have to get up and out, so I’m staying up later and later. That’s fun when I get to my work days.

It’s not as if I’m laying in bed worrying. I’m just NOT TIRED. Counting sheep doesn’t work, I’ve tried.

What are your tips for sleeping? I could sure use some.

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