Unconditional Love

The things we do for our children!

Just this evening for example, I had to get the bus straight from work to my mums as she had the kids. Due to me rushing about in the morning I had left my mobile at home.

Not an issue for work but as I got on the bus I sent a snapchat to the eldest from the iPad. The are just going out she said, of to Macdonalds. Meet us there.

Sounds fine, but I had to get the bus as far as I could and then have a sixteen minute walk (0.8 mile) to meet them. Ok, that doesn’t sound like much, but I had been on my feet at work for 8 hours and my shoe was rubbing. Don’t judge me.

So I finally get there and they have all been there for a while. So long in fact they had eaten and the kids were just playing in their animated play room.

Hadn’t even been in two seconds and Maddie’s piped up “Mum, mum, can you play this with me”. She’s playing pairs with wooden blocks attached to the wall of the soft play.

I was like, give us a chance. I’ve just walked in. Mum sent me to order my food, although it wouldn’t have been my choice for dinner. If we got a say it would have been a proper restaurant, but their BBQ signature burger was bloody lovely.

That’s going off track. Who even cares what I had for dinner? Anyway, we eventually leave there and Mum suggests we maybe stop off to get a cheeky bottle of wine. Who am I to disappoint her?

So I’m stuck sitting in the back of the car next to my youngest because apparently it’s the eldest turn to sit in the front, as her sister did on the way from Nannies. I mean, I’m not the tallest person alive, in fact I am rather short, so squishing up in back isn’t an issue, but when I was a kid if I had tried to beat an ADULT to the front seat I’d have been shouted at and banned from the front seat forever.

The youngest got a new fidget spinner from Nanna this morning so he’s showing that off. The middley is dancing to the music and ducking every time she sees a police car (long story) and the eldest has her headphones on listening to her own music in my seat!

We pull up to the supermarket and Mum and I jump out, taking the boy with us. I spot an old dance teacher of mine and duck down an isle to avoid he ùr (yes I’m mean)

We find the wine, and suddenly without any warning at all G’s fidget spinner goes flying underneath the shelving unit. Not just a little bit under! All the way. “Why did you do that ? Before I know it I’m lying flat on the floor down isle nine desperately trying to reach it! Without calling go go gadget arm I had no chance.

Mum very kindly asked a shop assistant for a broom, and she disappeared and returned with a mop off the shop floor.

After 5 minutes arguing with G about who was going to get it we managed to work together to get it out, plus a god knows how old crystallised sweet.

I would please you by posting the picture mum took of me in my work clothes face down on the floor but luckily she didn’t take one! The fidget spinner is now safely in my bag, and it’s staying there!!

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