Dinner Time Blues


Carrie-Ann Schless

I mentioned before my daughter was a fussy eater. If only that was where it stopped. Try having three fussy eaters in one house.

It gets worse. They all like different things!

Lets start at the easy bit. If I’m making them lunch, sandwich and crisps is simple. Right? Wrong!!

One likes ham, but doesn’t like cheese. One likes cheese, but doesn’t like ham, unless of course there is no cheese. Then ham is acceptable. One likes both.

This one must be the easy child. Right? Wrong!

This last child eats four different variety of crisps, where the other two eat up to about seven. Not the same type of course! No that would be too easy.

I get strange looks at the supermarket, my basket piled high with various multipacks. They probably think my children are very unhealthy and I’m an awful mother buying so many crisps!

The do eat veg though, but not necessarily the same ones! Peas are a favourite, but the boy sometimes decides he doesn’t want them. Carrots are always welcome on their plate.

Cucumber, yes. Celery, just one. Pepper, the other two but one only likes red and one only likes yellow.

What started slowly as the eldest not liking the odd thing, I somehow managed to let it snowball into a massive headache. I watch the other Mums and their ‘I’ve cooked it, you it it’ attitude and I know it’s just too late for me. I have tried and failed many times.

The hardest part of having fussy eaters, other than choosing restaurants around the places that do real fish fingers and not goujons, is remembering which child eats what!

They begged me for a packed lunch one week, so of course I agreed. It was when I picked them up and got shouted at for putting Maddie’s crisps in Izzy’s lunch and vice versa I thought why do I bother.

I know they will grow out of it. One day they will want pizza and curry and I will stop having to share my stews out into freezable containers so I don’t have to eat the same thing for a week.

In the mean time I’m here cooking two or three different meals. Luckily everything tastes better with wine!

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