Tears and Tantrums

Am I the only person in the world that absolutely hates the last few weeks of school? I am trying to fit in my usual jobs, the day to day ones you can’t get away with like feeding the kids and making sure they have uniform for school, my actual job, sorting out child care around working 9-5.30 serving the public. Then there are the extra things that crop up due to being the end of year. Last minute choir performances, end of year productions and the flipping enterprise week! My eldest is going up to big school so there are transition evenings and dates to try on uniform and meetings to tell us about the Chrome book they need (£350 bloody quid! That’s for another day) as well as remembering she needs packed lunch on this and that date instead of her usual baked potato with beans on the side. Yes folks she is what we call a fussy eater. Don’t get me wrong, she has got a lot better. She now doesn’t have a melt down if the bean sauce touches anything else on the plate, and she survived the 5 days away with school earlier in the year and our holiday abroad in Greece.

Ontop of it all she has her leavers prom this Sunday, and her leavers assembly next Friday. I am already fighting back the tears! How has my little baby grown so much she is already leaving primary school??? It’s crazy. It feels like yesterday we took her to look around and she held the head teachers hand and toddled off with her without even glancing behind to see if Mummy and Daddy were following. We knew then this was the school for her. The following year her sister started and last September for the first time I had all three of my children in one place 9-3 Monday to Friday. At least we aren’t leaving the school full stop, but my middle child is going to be in year 6! When did that happen? I’ve been concentrating so hard on Maddie going up and up the school, Isabella has just crept up on me. She is such a happy, loving girl without a bad bone in her body. As for the boy, he is 5 going on so 15! So clever, so funny, and overall amazing. They all are. I waited four years for Gerrard to join Mrs.Bs class like his sisters had, and now he is leaving her to go into year 1! She is my joint favourite teacher off all time, joint with my own tutor from secondary school, also Mrs B!

They also do clubs and we have to watch their drama performance and follow them round to all the fetes they are performing at with cheerleading, although this year I have failed miserably on that part. There are Birthday parties and social events (yes I try to have a life) and I’m still meant to find time to write, set up websites and blogs and advertise my debut novel!

Its great working in a shop though. All the different characters you see every day.  I do love to people watch. I do it everywhere!

Watching the sixty children in my daughters year group all working together last night in their performance of Bugsy Malone I got a huge sense of pride. My daughter sang a solo! I used to help when they were in foundation stage. They have all blossomed. They have been a lovely supportive year group, very different from the year 5’s that are coming up. I’m going to be very sad to see them all leave and split up.


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